TNB Night Owl – Marshall Tucker Band

The Marshall Tucker Band combined a unique blend of the blues, country, rock, and jazz to become one of the rare crossover acts that registered on Top 40, country, and rock charts. Considered to be pioneers of Southern Rock, by the late seventies and into the eighties, MTB staples including, Can’t You See, Fire On The Mountain, and Heard It In A Love Song, earned regular airplay on the then-new FM rock radio format now widely known as classic rock.


Ramblin’ (3:40)

1973 (re-released in 1977)
Can’t You See (6:06)

24 Hours At A Time (5:04)

This Ol’ Cowboy (3:40)

Fire On The Mountain (3:57)

Searchin’ For A Rainbow (3:53)

Long Hard Ride (3:54)

Heard It In A Love Song (4:59)

Last of the Singing Cowboys (4:17)

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