Afternoon Open Thread: Saturday Matinee

This is a shot of tasty air popped popcorn with butter added. Photo by Logicaldisaster.

This Is An Open Thread

Welcome to Saturday free movie from Youtube with ads Matinee Open Thread. Phww, that was a run-on mouthful.

The show will begin whenever you decide to push play. 😀

Today’s feature: Wargames: The Dead Code

Featuring: Amanda Walsh, Chuck Shamata, Colm Feore, Gary Reineke, Matt Lanter, Maxim Roy, Nicolas Wright, Vlasta Vrana

Genres: Action & adventure, Science fiction, Drama, Thriller

Release date: 2008

Rated: PG-13


Welcome to the deadliest game you’ll ever play. When a teenager hacks into a restricted network known only as R.I.P.L.E.Y., he stumbles onto a national defense system designed to locate and destroy terrorist cells…and he’s now its next target!


This Is An Open Thread

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