(Open Thread) And Now For Something Completely Different

Opening scene of Dire Straits' music video, "Money For Nothing", sometimes also known as, "I want my MTV". Image captured by the News Blender.

I was going to write something political this morning, and then was like, “Ugh.” So, instead I want to introduce you to one of my favorite current shows: “Ghosts.” Because sometimes we all need a break from the unrelenting ugh-ness of current politics, right?

To be clear, this is the American version of a British program. (I’ve only seen a few clips of the British version; it seems a bit more on the bawdy/lewd side than its US counterpart.) One lewd holdover from the original is the use of the phrase “sucked off,” which is how the ghosts express one of their own being drawn heavenward, once they’ve resolved whatever’s keeping them down on Earth.

Essentially, the show is about a married couple, Jay and Samantha, who inherit a run-down mansion in the Hudson Valley and decide to turn it into a B&B. There are a number of ghosts who haunt the property–eight of them live in the mansion, a few more inhabit the basement, and some live out in the shed. One day Sam falls down a flight of stairs and has a near-death experience, which results in her being able to see and hear the ghosts.

This is a synopsis of the first two episodes, to introduce you to the show:

The ghost characts include Thorfin, a Viking explorer; Sassapis, a Native American member of the Lenape tribe; Isaac, a Revolutionary War officer; Hetty, previous owner of the home and woman of the Gilded Age; Alberta, a Harlem blues singer from the Prohibition days; Flower, a 1960s Hippie; Pete, a travel agent and scoutmaster; and Trevor, a Wall Street investor dude-bro.

What I enjoy about it is the blend of comedy with touching moments. In the episode, “Pete’s Wife,” Pete is the first ghost at the manor who gets the opportunity to see his wife.

One of my favorite episodes was when Jay attempted to repair a light fixture and gets a serious shock, causing him to fall into Hetty, who takes over his body. Here’s the scene. What cracks me up is how well the actor mimics Hetty.

As the episode comes to an end, Hetty doesn’t want to relinquish control of Jay’s body, as she finally has the opportunity to live the life she never was allowed to have.

Anyway, yeah… “Ghosts.” If you like feel-good comedies, this is a must-watch.

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at “Kiss the Blood Off My Hands.”

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