TNB–Night Owl Music Wheel Monday…

DJ Kitty. Enhanced by Lenny Ghoul.

Last Monday, I introduced the music wheel and uploaded my first YouTube video ever…

It was part success part epic fail…

But, we are back again to try for round 2!

Maybe I’ll get it right this time!

Musical’s of the 80’s…

Now, from my high school days, I was told by my drama teacher a true musical movie is a movie that has little to no spoken dialogue. But, that is now how us regular people view the musical. Or at least me, regular musical movie lover…

I went my own way on this list…

Fame (1980)

Out Here on My Own.

This is Elvis (1981)

Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Grease 2 (1982)

Cool Rider.

Eddie and the Cruisers (1983)

On the Dark Side.

Purple Rain (1984)

Purple Rain.

A Chorus Line (1985)


Labyrinth (1986)

Magic Dance.

Dirty Dancing (1987: not a typical musical; has a great soundtrack.)

Love is Strange.

Moonwalker (1988)

Smooth Criminal.

UHF (1989)


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