TNB Night Owl: OCD Jukebox Presents “Hallelujah”

Jukebox. Photo by liz west.

Normally I’d be doing a noir film, but, yeah… allergies are kicking my butt with migraines and general sinus issues. So…

Instead, here’s a bunch of versions of Leonard Cohen’s song “Hallelujah.”

Leonard Cohen:

The Pop Song Professor has an explanation of the song:

Andrea Bocelli and his daughter Virginia perform in English and Italian at the White House:

Postmodern Jukebox, featuring Effie Passero:

K.D. Lang has one of the more well-known versions:

Jeff Buckley, featuring his guitar as well as vocal (also one of the more well-known versions):

The Canadian Tenors (and Celine Dion). The guys are big Dion fans, so Oprah had them on and surprised them. Their expressions when they see Celine join them are absolutely priceless:

A capella group Pentatonix with their rendition:

A couple instrumental versions.

This first one from Enzo Buonaurio Sax:

Gaetano Lauricella with a soothing version (organ, violin, and oboe):

And that’s it, because my power just went out.

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