TNB Night Owl Presents: Snark Attack Tackles Tucker Carlson and the J6 Footage

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Yeah, I know what I said in that goodbye message about not being able to face politics right now. But it’s this weird, dysfunctional relationship I’m in with Tucker Carlson that’s to blame. I can’t quit him, even when he makes me want to puke. So here we all are…

As you know, Carlson spent Monday and Tuesday’s Fox “News” show presenting perfectly cherry-picked gems from 41,000 hours of security camera footage Kevin McCarthy gifted him with for just this purpose. Because it’s all about creating a narrative that the J6 Committee and the MSM have been lying for over two years now about the events of that tragic January day.

Out of 41,000 hours of footage, he can only find a few snippets to fill two hours of programming trying to convince the world that January 6th was peaceful and everything else was made up hogwash. SAD! Moreover, most of what I saw in the clips from his show wasn’t anything new to most of us.

I’m not going to plow through two hours of Tucker’s show; because even though I can’t quit him, I also can’t stand him. So I’m going to cherry pick the high (or low) points of his coverage and respond…

This might not be the beginning, but it’s just as good a place to start as any.

The crowd revered the Capitol

Yes, two doors were opened from the inside and the people who streamed in were peaceful for a while. Though they weren’t entirely respectful. They didn’t simply snap pictures outside the Speaker’s office, for one thing. And remember the guy who carried away the Speaker’s Podium?

I can’t speak for any other “normal and respectful tourists who revere the Capitol,” but I’m pretty sure no one in my high school marching band made off with the Speaker’s Podium when were there. Though I can’t be entirely sure about Todd…

But, of course, he didn’t bother to show any clips of the violent crowd breaking in, now, did he? Nope, instead he implied people like Jason Chansley (The QAnon Shaman) were invited in and given a tour by Capitol Hill officers.

But also, the crowd was only there because they were upset about a stolen election

This is what is known as “having it both ways,” insofar as Tucker tries to make out that they were totally peaceful, but even if they weren’t, well… you can’t really blame them for being upset and terrorizing members of Congress.

He’s also having it both ways here in that he knows the “STOLLEN ELECTION” is a lie. He’s always known it. He and his fellow disingenuous Fox Opinion hosts were exposed in the past couple of weeks with what they said privately versus what they told their audience about the election and Trump. Yet now Tucker doubles down on the hole of defamatory actual malice he’s dug for himself by claiming there’s all kinds of evidence of the stolen election and the mob was justified in its anger, which it also totally didn’t express at all.

I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda dizzy from the contortions here…

QAnon Shaman wasn’t invited in

This is how Chansley got into the building, at about the one minute mark on the video:

Here is another video, taken as rioters broke into the building and entered. You can see Chansley among the crowd (the person taking the video is behind the horns dude, and to Chansley’s right).

It’s only in dispute how Chansley got into the building if you’re a lying, partisan hack like Tucker Carlson…

It wasn’t an armed insurrection

It’s first of all interesting that Carlson and others (like Charlie Hurt of the Washington Times) insist if there were no guns, then it couldn’t have been an armed insurrection. As if people can’t do damage with other weapons…

Further, we know there were some who did have guns in the crowd. So even the “no one had guns” part of the “it wasn’t an insurrection” assertion is untrue. The only thing that truthfully can be said is that no one in the mob fired a gun that day.

But it’s not as if Tucker cares about little trifles like the truth…

The Josh Hawley “coward” video

Representative Elaine Luria in a 1:07 clip where she presents the Hawley running away video, along with other stuff.

At no point does Luria refer to Hawley as being a coward.

Notice at the beginning she says “Senator Josh Hawley also had to flee…” Moreover, this minute+ clip ends with footage of Hawley and other members of Congress jogging down a short flight of stairs to safety.

Um… isn’t that an indication that he wasn’t the only one running away? She never said he was the only one as Tucker claims. The significance of him running away was that he had earlier been outside giving the crowd a fist raised in solidarity. He was with them until they became an angry mob breaking into the Capitol, at which time he was just as scared of the mob and what they might do as anyone else in the building.

And here’s a question: if the crowd was so under control and peaceful as Tucker spent two days trying to convince us, then why did anyone need to be evacuated from the building?

Senators respond to Carlson

A few Republican Senators had some choice words about Tucker’s Monday night show.

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer was pretty ticked off:

But then we have the Lying Asshat Caucus also weighing in:

The Capitol Hill Police and President Biden respond to Carlson

Apparently Carlson’s producers weren’t happy with the overnights on his Monday night show:

Tucker pissily responds to his critics by suggesting yet another conspiracy theory…

The two sides here are lying liars who lie and the people who object to them, Tucker…

Allow me to end with a little levity…

You’ll have to click to watch Trevor Noah give Hawley what-for…

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