TNB Night Owl — Open Thread

Nouvelle Vague (the residues of alphaville). Photo by Emiliano Grusovin.

It kinda slipped my mind what day it was and what that meant, so… yeah.

Your assignment–if you accept–is to watch a B-movie noir I’ve never seen; but if you’re a classic TV fan, you’ll notice a few familiar faces. Barbara Eden plays the femme fatale; she’s joined by Gavin MacLeod and Ted Knight as bit players. (Wonder if they ever talked about this movie on “The Mary Tyler Moore” set?)

The film is “Twelve Hours to Kill,” and you can watch it here:

The synopsis is that a Greek national visiting NYC witnesses a gangland execution on the street. The cops decide to hide him away in the suburbs. What our witness doesn’t know is he’s likely to be double-crossed by a crooked cop who knows where he’s been stashed.

Here’s your opening shot:

Opening shot of the movie

If you watch it, let me know in the comments below. I’ll be giving it a look during the overnight.

BTW, Eddie Muller’s Noir Alley is back starting this weekend, but the program has a new time slot on TCM. You can now find it at 9 PM Eastern Saturday and 7AM Eastern on Sunday. Check your local listings if you aren’t in the Eastern Time Zone. The next Noir Alley feature is “The File on Thelma Jordan,” starring noir favorite Barbara Stanwyck. Also, all this month, they’ll be showing a lot of noir and neo-noir films. They have them all listed here.

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