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This is a shot of tasty air popped popcorn with butter added. Photo by Logicaldisaster.

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Today’s Feature: The Right Stuff

Starring: Scott Wilson, Scott Glenn, Barbara Hershey, Lance Henriksen, Sam Shepard, Ed Harris, Pamela Reed, Dennis Quaid, Veronica Cartwright, Kim Stanley, Kathy Baker, Fred Ward, Donald Moffat

In 1947, when the future began somewhere in the middle of the California desert, a pilot flies faster than the speed of sound. Flying higher, faster and harder than anyone before … always pushing the boundaries, always living on the edge … the American Air Force test pilots are the bravest, the best and the most daring–the men with The Right Stuff. Suddenly, these men become the first to ride a rocket as the United States races to put the first man on the moon in this true story of the Mercury astronauts. Based on the best-selling book by Tom Wolfe.

Release date: 1984

Genre: Action & Adventure

Rated: PG

This Is An Open Thread

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