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This is a shot of tasty air popped popcorn with butter added. Photo by Logicaldisaster.

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Today’s Feature: Cactus Flower

Starring: Rick Lenz, Vito Scotti, Ingrid Bergman, Jack Weston, Irene Hervey, Goldie Hawn, Walter Matthau

CACTUS FLOWER is the story of a dentist (Walter Matthau) who has told his young girlfriend that he’s already married so she won’t get any ideas about marriage. The girlfriend decides she must meet the wife–panicked, the dentist asks his dowdy assistant (Ingrid Bergman) to pose as his wife. When the meeting is arranged, he finds that his assistant has blossomed into a beautiful woman. Much to his own surprise, the dentist begins to pursue–his own “wife.”

Release date: 1969

Genre: Comedy

Rated: PG

This Is An Open Thread

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