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It’s Tuesday…

President Biden’s public schedule for 02/20/2024:

10:00 AMIn-Town Pool Call Time
The White House In-Town Pool
11:30 AMOut-of-Town Pool Call Time
Joint Base Andrews Overhang Out-of-Town Pool
12:40 PM
Leaves the White House
The President departs the White House en route to Joint Base Andrews
South Lawn Open Press
1:00 PM
Leaves Joint Base Andrews
The President departs Joint Base Andrews en route to Los Angeles, California
Joint Base Andrews Out-of-Town Pool
2:00 PM
Press Gaggle
Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre will gaggle aboard Air Force One en route to Los Angeles, California
Joint Base Andrews Out-of-Town Pool
6:10 PM
Arrives in L.A., CA.
The President arrives in Los Angeles, California (3:10 PM Local)
Los Angeles International Airport Open Press
6:20 PM
Leaves L.A.
The President departs en route to Santa Monica, California (3:20 PM Local)
Los Angeles International Airport Open Press
6:30 PM
Arrives in Santa Monica
The President arrives in Santa Monica, California (3:30 PM Local)
Santa Monica Municipal Airport Out-of-Town Pool
10:15 PM
Campaign Event
The President participates in a campaign reception
Residence of Haim and Cheryl Saban, Los Angeles Out-of-Town Pool

Reminder: When the President Travels, all times are still shown in D.C., time…

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Gaggle Aboard Air Force One En Route to Los Angeles, CA @2:30 p.m. D.C., time (the time has changed from 2:00 p.m. D.C., time):

Republicans on the Hill Tweets

From Monday…

The full shared image:

Twitter’s “alt” image description says:

I’m not gonna rehash the whole “As the Twice Impeached Cult 45’s Turn” regarding the border deal…

Never fear though before they fled D.C., the House Republicans did finally manage to impeach someone–anyone would do…

Speaker Mike Johnson also got a meeting with his Cult Leader…

“Grow the Majority”…

Not if I can help it…

President Biden spoke with the press, twice, neither transcript was posted when I posted Monday’s article…


Remarks by President Biden During Press Gaggle | Rehoboth Beach, DE:

THE PRESIDENT:  I spoke with Zelenskyy this afternoon to let him know that I was confident we were going to get that money to keep that country from being overrun by Russia.
You know, there’s so much at stake.  I learned — *I watched the television the other night and one of the other Republican candidates saying I’ve never explained to the American people why NATO is so important.*
NATO is critical to our survival.  NATO has held — we have never been able to avoid a European conflict.  As long as there’s NATO, we’re — have allies — allies who are confident and have defended us.
And, by the way, the only time Article 5 has been invoked is the — when we were attacked on 9/11.  So, the idea that we’re going to walk away from Ukraine, the idea that we’re going to let NATO begin to split is totally against the interests of the United States of America and it is against our word we’ve given for — since Tru- — since all the way back to Eisenhower.
So, it’s about time we make sure that Congress come home and pass the legislation funding NATO.  It’s critical.  Our security depends on it.
Q    How — how confident are you that there isn’t another city that falls right after this if Congress acts on it?
THE PRESIDENT:  I’m not.  I’m not.  No one can be. 
Look, the Ukrainian people have fought so bravely and heroically.  They’ve put so much on the line.  And the idea that now when they’re running out of ammunition, we walk away — I find it absurd.  I find it unethical.  I find it just contrary to everything we are as a country.  So, I’m going to fight until we get it — get them the ammunition they need and the capacity they need to defend themselves.
Thank you very much.
Q    Have you heard anything else about what led to Navalny’s death, sir?
THE PRESIDENT:  I haven’t — I’ve heard several things.  I haven’t had them confirmed.  But the fact of the matter is: Putin is responsible, whether he ordered it or he is responsible for the circumstances he put that man in.  And he’s — it’s a reflection of who he is.  And it just cannot be tolerated.
I said we’d — there would be a price to pay.  He is paying a price already.  Since 2000 when I made that statement, Russians have had sanctions imposed on them and a whole range of other impacts. 
But it’s just — this is — look, the idea that after 70 years we have a NATO Alliance that has kept the peace, basically, in Europe, kept us out of the m- — the idea the transatlantic alliance is not overwhelmingly in our interest is bizarre.
It can only be — I — I just — I don’t understand.  I don’t understand.  There’s either a complete lack of knowledge of history or the lack of responsibility.
Thank you very much.
Q    Thank you, Mr. President.
THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you.

White 02/17/2024.

*he is referencing Nikki Haley’s remarks to CNN’s Kaitlan Collins regarding Ukraine aid*

She wasn’t talking NATO, she says in the 56 second clip, that she feels President Biden hasn’t communicated enough that foreign aid to Ukraine is “preventing war”…

*blink blink*

She also adds, you can’t “blame Congress” when you don’t have a leader at the top explaining why this matters”…

*blink blink*


Remarks by President Biden After Marine One Arrival:

Q    Mr. President, will you meet with Speaker Johnson to try and negotiate the aid?
THE PRESIDENT:  Sure, I’d be happy to meet with him if he has anything to say.
Q    Mr. President, would you go as far as to say that Aleksey Navalny’s blood is on the hands of House Republicans right now?
THE PRESIDENT:  I wouldn’t use that term.  They’re making a big mistake not responding.
Look, the way they’re walking away from the threat of Russia, the way they’re walking away from NATO, the way they’re walking away from meeting our obligations, it’s just shocking.  I mean, they’re wild.  I’ve never seen anything like this.
Q    Do you think Navalny’s death will make any difference in nudging House Republicans to take up Ukraine aid?  They’re on the (inaudible) right now.
THE PRESIDENT:  I hope so.  But I’m not sure anything is going to change.
Q    Are you going to impose additional sanctions on Russia over Navalny’s death?
THE PRESIDENT:  We already have sanctions, but we’re considering additional sanctions, yes.
Thank you.

White 02/19/2024.

Remarks by President Biden on Senate Passage of the Bipartisan Supplemental Agreement; the YouTube is 8 minutes and 27 seconds long.

This bipartisan bill sends a clear message to Ukrainians and to our partners and to our allies around the world: America can be trusted, America can be relied upon, and America stands up for freedom. We stand strong for our allies. We never bow down to anyone, and certainly not to Vladimir Putin. So, let’s get on with this.

White House.gov02/13/2024.

Black History Month Tweet

From Tuesday…

The video clip is 54 seconds long. It was filmed during the Black History Month celebration at the White House; the YouTube is 15 minutes and 30 seconds long (02/06/2024).

Remarks by Vice President Harris at a Reception in Recognition of Black History Month:

So, during Black History Month, we come together as a nation to honor and celebrate our history — the history of Black excellence and leadership, culture and creativity, resilience and resistance

During Black History Month, we tell the stories of the heroes of our nation’s past and of our present, leaders across our country and here in this room who shape our future.

This month and every month, we celebrate Black history as America’s history — living, breathing history that we create every day — (applause); history that must be taught in full.  (Applause.) 

White 02/06/2024.

Remarks by President Biden at a Reception in Recognition of Black History Month:

Look, folks, the — the fact is, to all of you, on behalf of Jill and me, Happy Black History Month from the White House


Kamala just talked about the power of Black history that is an American history.  Black excellence, culture, resilience.  Heroes known and unknown who inspired a nation


So, tonight, let’s reflect on how we make history, not erase history.  You know?  (Applause.)

White 02/06/2024.

“New” from the White House…



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