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This is a shot of tasty air popped popcorn with butter added. Photo by Logicaldisaster.

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Today’s Feature: War-Gods of the Deep

Starring: Vincent Price, Tab Hunter, David Tomlinson, Susan Hart

Master of suspense and horror Vincent Price (“The Oblong Box”) takes on square-jawed Tab Hunter (“Gun Belt”) in this fantastic underwater tale teeming with adventure! Based on an Edgar Allen Poe story and co-starring David Tomlinson (“Sleeping Car to Trieste”) and Susan Hart (“Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine”), this turbulent thriller pits gill-men against he-men, with a sexy woman caught between and surges with excitement from initial fade-in to climatic fadeout. When a slimy, gilled monster from the deep kidnaps the beautiful Jill (Hart) it’ll take her boyfriend (Hunter), his sidekick (Tomlinson) and his sidekick’s sidekick – a rooster – to get her back! Following her trail into the deep, they are shocked to discover a lost underwater city, ruled by a ruthless captain (Price) and an army of mutated sea creatures, who imprison the hapless landlubbers…while a restless volcano threatens to bury them all!

Release date: 1965

Genre: Science Fiction

Rated: TV-PG

This Is An Open Thread

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