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Today’s Feature: Appointment With Death

Starring: Carrie Fisher, Hayley Mills, Jenny Seagrove, John Gielgud, Lauren Bacall, Peter Ustinov, Piper Laurie

Based on the novel by bestselling author and undisputed master of mystery Agatha Christie, “Appointment with Death” keeps with the best tradition of suspense and intrigue, and unravels as an impeccably stylish whodunit. Who planned the untimely demise of the malevolent Mrs. Boynton? Was it one of her spoilt and sullen stepchildren? Her scheming lawyer? A deceptive doctor? Or a member of Parliament? Only one man has the incomparable “little grey cells” to solve this murder! Acclaimed actor Peter Ustinov gives an outstanding performance as enigmatic and nimble-witted Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot, alongside an impressive all-star cast of suspects – including Lauren Bacall, Carrie Fisher, Sir John Gielgud, Piper Laurie, Hayley Mills, Jenny Seagrove and David Soul. Destined to keep you guessing until the last moment, “Appointment with Death” was adapted by legendary scribe Anthony Schaffer and directed by Michael Winner.

Release date: 1988

Genre: Drama

Rated: PG

This Is An Open Thread

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