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It’s Thursday…

President Biden’s public schedule for 04/04/2024:

10:00 AM
Presidential Daily Brief
The President receives the President’s Daily Brief
Closed Press
1:30 PM
Press Briefing
Press Briefing by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre
James S. Brady Press Briefing Room
5:00 PM
The President hosts a reception celebrating Greek Independence Day
East Room

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre @1:30 p.m. D.C., time:

President Biden Hosts a Reception Celebrating Greek Independence Day @5:00 p.m. D.C., time:

Lowering Health Care Costs Tweets

From Wednesday…

Remarks by President Biden on Lowering Healthcare Costs for Americans; the YouTube is 34 minutes and 49 seconds long.

From Thursday…

None of his tweets really relate back to his remarks. Given that I’ve lost track of time, reading a bunch of news on the bridge collapse and other things, we’ll pick this back up on Monday…

Affordable Connectivity Program Tweet

From Wednesday…

The video clip is 37 seconds long.

Remarks by President Biden on High-Speed Internet Investments | Raleigh, NC; the YouTube is 22 minutes and 32 seconds long.

High-speed Internet isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s an absolute necessity. It’s an absolute — (applause) — no, it really is. And yet, when I became president, around 24 million Americans didn’t have access to affordable high-speed Internet. And for millions more, their Internet connection was limited or unreliable.


I promised to be a president for all America, whether you voted for me or not. These investments help all Americans in red states and blue states as well. And we’re not leaving anybody behind. (Applause.)

Remarks by President Biden on High-Speed Internet Investments | Raleigh, NC. 01/18/2024.

Remarks by President Biden at the National League of Cities Congressional City Conference; The YouTube is 19 minutes and 8 seconds long.

In January, I was in Raleigh, North Carolina, where we’re investing $3 billion to connect the entire state for affordable high-speed Internet to end — by the end of the decade.  And we’re doing it in all 50 states.  It’s critical for children to be able to do their homework, small businesses to be able to sell their products, folks to have access to telemedicine when they’re driving — without driving to see their doctors if they live in the countryside.

Remarks by President Biden at the National League of Cities Congressional City Conference. 03/11/2024.

The last 14 seconds of the clip is just saying that Republicans want to end the program because they view the spending as “wasteful” spending…

Travel Plans Tweets

From Thursday…

The Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed on 03/26/2024 after being struck by a container ship. Six constructions workers repairing potholes on the bridge lost their lives.

Yesterday, Baltimore Governor Wes Moore provided an update…

US Army Corps of Engineers Baltimore District (USACE Baltimore) has also provided updates…




Programming note: Tomorrow, I will be in Disneyland and will be working up Biden Bits tonight, I will try my hardest to include a feed to his remarks from Baltimore, plus the Jobs Report for March…

But I make no promises that I’ll have WiFi, and the ability to use my iPad to update the post…

NATO’s 75th Anniversary Tweet

From Thursday…

Statement from President Joe Biden on NATO’s 75th Anniversary:

Today, we celebrate a historic milestone: the 75th  anniversary of NATO.

This is the greatest military alliance in the history of the world. But it didn’t happen by accident, nor was it inevitable. Generation after generation, the United States and our fellow Allies have chosen to come together to stand up for freedom and push back against aggression—knowing we are stronger, and the world is safer, when we do.

We saw this during the Cold War, as we stood united against the forces of Soviet totalitarianism. We saw it again when America was attacked on September 11, 2001 and our Allies invoked NATO Article 5—an attack against one, is an attack against all—for the first and only time in history. And we’ve seen it over the last two years, as Allies have stepped up to support the brave people of Ukraine in the face of Russia’s vicious invasion—the largest war in Europe since World War II.

Today, NATO is larger, stronger, and more determined than ever before. We’ve added Finland and Sweden to the Alliance—two democracies, with two highly capable militaries. Over the past three years, our NATO Allies have increased their own annual defense spending by almost $80 billion. As our adversaries have plotted to break our remarkable unity, our democracies have stood unwavering. And this July, the United States will host a Washington NATO Summit—bringing together our Allies to modernize our defense and deterrence.

Now, like generations before us, we must choose to protect this progress and build on it. We must remember that the sacred commitment we make to our Allies—to defend every inch of NATO territory—makes us safer too, and gives the United States a bulwark of security unrivaled by any other nation in the world. And like our predecessors, we must ask ourselves what can we do—what must we do—to create a more peaceful future.

75 years ago today—after signing the treaty that brought NATO into existence—President Harry Truman said: “If there is anything certain today, if there is anything inevitable in the future, it is the will of the people of the world for freedom and for peace.” I believe that will is stronger today than ever before—and in the years ahead, I know we’ll prove it. 

Statement from President Joe Biden on NATO’s 75th Anniversary. 04/04/2024.

“New” from the White House…



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