Did CNN Get Punked By SNL Actress?

As I was watching the interview between Kellyanne Conway, President Trump’s official counselor and talk show mouthpiece, and CNN’s Dana Bash, I sincerely couldn’t help but think of the possibility of being punked by Conway’s SNL impersonator.

From the very beginning of the interview, I couldn’t find an answer that Conway provided that actually fit the question or really had any resemblance to a coherent discussion whatsoever.

I don’t understand why they continue to have people like Conway on these shows. It was a 15-minute interview where she ignored every question, gave her assigned talking points, and insulted and bad-mouthed the interviewer and the network.

In other words, it was not unlike every interview I’ve ever seen with Conway.

The reason I am bothering to write this piece is because I continue to find it incredibly disturbing that it’s people like this who are advising the President of the United States. Let that sink in as you consider this.

The interview begins with Dana Bash talking about President Trump tweeting that he doesn’t believe Micheal Cohen would flip on Trump and cooperate with the Mueller investigation. Bash asks Conway what Trump is talking about that Cohen would have to flip on if Trump has not done anything wrong.

Conway responds by saying that President Trump was simply defending someone who he thinks is being treated unfairly. She slides into a criticism of James Comey and his book tour, and then explains how Trump thinks the methods of the raid on Cohen were a disgrace.

Conway in the CNN State of the Union interview,

“The methods should concern people.”

Of course, the methods were all according to our laws and due process, so it’s unclear what she is referring to or why Trump believes it is a disgrace.

Conway then begins talking about the DNC server and how the FBI didn’t even go after that, implying that the FBI is corrupt and, therefore, the raid on Cohen is all a part of that corruption.

Bash attempts to bring Conway back to the question she asked,

“Let me get back to the original question…”

and she repeats the question about why Trump would use the term and concept of flipping if he had done nothing wrong and there was nothing to flip over.

Conway unrespectfully claims,

“That wasn’t your original question, Dana, respectfully…”

Uh…yes, it was exactly her original question, but it seems Conway was too busy trying to keep all of the talking points straight in her mind to bother listening to the actual question.

She continues:

“…and that isn’t what he’s saying in these tweets…”

Well, yes, it is.

Bash, for a third time repeats the question.

Conway appears perturbed and still doesn’t answer the question. Instead she attacks the press and diverts to her next talking point in that this has been a yearlong investigation that was supposed to be about Russia, blah, blah, blah…

For a fourth time, Bash asks the question again, rephrasing it a bit in order to further clarify something she’s already further clarified 3 times.

Conway still doesn’t answer, continuing with talking points…and then adds,

“By the way, to answer your question very pointedly…”

then proceeds to not answer it even a little pointedly, or even non-pointedly…she veers off to Comey again and how he didn’t make it clear to the public about Trump not being a target and not telling Trump about the funding for the “phony dossier”.

She finishes that non-answer with,

“So, I think we’re answering your question in many different ways…”

Yes, every way except a way that actually answers the question asked.

Conway continues,

“All of this diverts away from all of the great things this President is doing as President…”

By the way, she refers to President Trump as “this President” instead of actually by name almost every time…is that some part of her subconscious trying to compartmentalize something? I don’t know, I’m just speculating.


“…because the American people certainly do like what’s going on including this President making huge strides in short order toward denuclearizing the Korean peninsula.”


Bash tries to get back into this discussion and shows how the President is causing the diversions himself with his crazy tweets. She shows one tweet to Conway and asks what he is talking about when he tweets that the New York Times uses a “…drunk/drugged up loser who hates Micheal…”


“I don’t know who he’s talking about…”

And then she goes on to talk about what this President has done to lead the charge on the fight against opioids.

Then the interview turns crazy…they get into an argument concerning Conway’s husband who tweets negative things about “this President”. I’ll let you watch the full video to get to that exciting conclusion.

Is it just me?

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