Don’t Be A Jerk

Hey TNBers (Blenderers? Blenderites? Blendernians? – I don’t know. Tell me what we should call ourselves in the comments)…

As we get rolling with the new site, we would like to introduce you to our main, over-riding philosophy of conduct at

Don’t Be A Jerk (DBAJ).

If everyone could please abide by that, I think we’ll all be fine. However, we would like to lay down a few more details of what we’d like to see and be here.

We ask that everyone please read the simple guidelines here: DBAJ Policy

We want this to be a fun and inviting place to interact and discuss issues and would appreciate if everyone helps us to do that…we really don’t want to spend our time here breaking up fights and having to be the site police.

Thank you for your cooperation, Blenderheads!

Photo by Sam Howzit

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