From CIA Director To Secretary of State?

According to a news report from McClatchy, CIA Director Mike Pompeo failed to disclose business ties with a Chinese Business owned by their government,

“The issue with the Chinese company, which was confirmed in a series of documents obtained by McClatchy this week, never came up during his confirmation hearings last year. Many senators contacted Wednesday were reluctant to comment until they had more information.”

More from the McClatchy article,

“Last year the questionnaire he filled out for the Senate intelligence committee asked: “During the past 10 years, have you or your spouse received any compensation from, or been involved in any financial or business transactions with, a foreign government or any entity controlled by a foreign government? If so, please provide details.”

He answered “no.”

Why it might matter:

After the firing of Rex Tillerson, Trump nominated CIA Director Mike Pompeo, as his next Secretary of State.

With Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) already stating he was against the nomination, and Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) out battling Cancer, Pompeo will need democrat support in order to be confirmed.

His confirmation hearing is set for Tomorrow starting at 9:30 Est time.


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