Naked Gunman Kills 4 At TN Waffle House, At Large (Updated)

WSMV.COM (NBC): A suspect described as 29 year old Travis Reinking of Morton, Tennessee is at large following a shooting at a Waffle House at 3:25 A.M. Sunday.  The motive is as yet unknown and appears to be random.

From the local police:

People in the neighborhood are warned to stay inside, with doors locked.  They are also asking people in the Nashville area to be watchful and report anyone who may fit Reinking’s description, sending images of Reinking out on social media.

The assailant entered the Waffle House naked, save for a green jacket, and began firing.  A patron who has yet to be identified wrestled the gun away from Reinking, after which Reinking fled.  He has since been seen wearing black pants, but no shirt; again, from local police:

There are four reported dead, with four more reported injured.  Two of the injured were shot, while the others received non-gunshot injuries during the event.

Waffle House has issued a short statement over Twitter:

Scene is being processed by the police.  They have the gun:

Per The Tennessean, the hero was also a 29 year old male, who wrestled the gun away and tossed it over the counter, prompting an unarmed Reinking to flee.  The Waffle House defender reportedly is one of the injured, and is being treated for an elbow injury.

(Update) More details from Nashville Metro police:

More information from the Associated Press. Suspect shot two in parking lot prior to entering the building:

Police spokesman Don Aaron said three people died at the scene and one person died at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Two other people were being treated there for gunshot wounds. Medical Center spokeswoman Jennifer Wetzel said one was in critical condition and the other was in critical but stable condition.

Aaron said the gunman arrived at the restaurant, sat in the parking lot for four minutes and shot two people with an assault rifle. The gunman then went inside and continued firing.

(Editor’s note: Despite the AP reporting that the weapon used was an “assault rifle”, the gun has been reported as an AR-15 by all sources, which is not an “assault rifle”) 

More information from Nashville PD

Big Update

According to Fox News The Police have surrounded the suspects Apartment and are attempting an arrest:

(Updated with Police dispatches, Waffle House response & injury count.)

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