No Confidence!

The sheriff of Broward County, FL, Scott Israel has just received a vote of no confidence from the union of deputies that work with him. Sheriff Israel, if you recall, is the Sheriff that was in charge of the disastrous response to the Parkland, FL school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and all of the botched red flags leading up to it. He’s also the same Sheriff who went on national TV and shamelessly blamed the NRA and took no responsibility whatsoever.

From CNN

Broward County, Florida, Sheriff Scott Israel received a largely symbolic vote of no confidence on Friday from the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association, with the union vowing to ask Gov. Rick Scott to remove him from office, according to union President Jeff Bell. The vote was 534-94. Bell said it was his union’s first vote of no confidence against a sheriff.


I have been wondering how this guy has remained as Sheriff for this long. How the community has not sent him packing with torches and pitchforks is beyond me.

More from CNN

“We are asking you to step in and to remove the sheriff,” union President Jeff Bell said he plans to tell the governor after the vote.


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