President Trump on Fox & Friends

President Trump appeared via telephone on Fox and Friends below are some highlights, the full interview can be found here.

The Clips

The clip comes from about the 22 minute mark, President Trump is asked about his upcoming meeting with Kim Jong Un, he spends about two minutes or so focused on that, before he shifts back to the media.

Fox treats me fairly.

Brian interrupts

I’m not your doctor, but I wouldn’t watch.

President Trump responds

I don’t watch that at all last night I’ll tell you I watched “Leaking Lyin’ Comey” he continues, “I don’t watch NBC anymore and by the way I made them a fortune with the Apprentice, they treatment me horribly and falsely, I made them a fortune.

This clip comes from about the 20 minute mark.

We have the electoral college, I would rather have the popular vote.

Official election totals:

Trump: 306 electoral college votes 63,986,825 popular vote. (46.4%)

Clinton: 232 electoral college votes 65,853,516 popular vote. (48.5%)

This clip comes from about the 8 minute mark in the full interview and goes to about the 14 minute mark.

Comey is a leaker and a liar. The memos are phony. He put a lot of phony stuff in those memos. I never said I didn’t stay the night in Russia. CNN fake news, they gave Hillary the debate questions. Can you imagine if you gave me the debate questions? Nobody has been tougher on Russia, ask Putin. I’m very disappointed in my Justice Department.

from The Hill:

WikiLeaks in October published emails purportedly stolen from Clinton campaign chief John Podesta, which included messages from Brazile to Clinton’s campaign containing information on what would be asked during two town hall debates between Clinton and her rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)

President Trump goes on to say in the above clip that Comey leaked the memos. The memos were leaked roughly forty minutes after the FBI turned them over to congress as was reported @ The News Blender the memos had been in FBI hands since summer 2016.

President Trump continues

Comey is guilty of crimes. If we had a Justice department that did their jobs. A witch hunt against the President of the United States. I will not be involved with the Justice Department. Even with all this going one I have accomplished more than any other President in their first year in office.

There are way too many tweeting examples to post here, for more visit @realDonaldTrump or The News Blender.

At the 14:18 minute mark Brian brings up Michael Cohen.

President Trump says the legal work that Cohen did for him was a “Tiny Tiny little fraction of legal work” he then goes on to say, “like with this crazy Stormy Daniels deal he represented me”

Around the 21 minute mark President Trump says, “they didn’t know it was fake news, I taught them it’s fake news”

At the time of the posting President Trump has not yet tweeted.

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