President Trump Tweets: Happy Friday

Before we can enjoy Friday we must look back to Thursday President Trump Tweets.

To view the “great show” @ The News Blender

Happy Friday!!!

Former FBI director James Comey on Wednesday appeared on CNN and spoke with Anderson Cooper about his book “A Higher Loyalty” and the memos he wrote after privately meeting with President Trump. The memos breakdown can be found @ The News Blender.

In his appearance with Anderson Cooper, Comey touched on many topics including leaking or not leaking the memos:

“The details matter because the facts matter, and should matter even to the President,” Comey explained, adding that he had chosen to classify some memos but not all of them. “Some of those memos I decided should be classified. Four others, I wrote them and was highly confident they should not be classified. Those four I kept a copy at the FBI and a copy at my personal safe at home.”

On Thursday Comey was interviewed by Bret Baier of Fox News.

According to multiple news outlets, the “Remember Sailor” is most likely in reference to former Navy Sailor, Kristian Saucier, who spent a year behind bars after taking photos of classified sections of a nuclear submarine. President Trump pardoned the Navy Sailor on March 9th, 2018, The Hill reported on March 10th, 2018.

President Trump on Thursday hosted Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Riders:

Earlier today The News Blender reported President Trump’s tweets about the meeting between the Korea’s.

For more about the Kanye West and President Trump’s “friendship” see @CNN News.



*End flashback*

As reported by The News Blender the Republican’s have released their report detailing their year long investigation into Russian Collusion.

In March the committee of Republicans released a summary of the report after that release in March, Rep Mike Conway (R-Texas) went on Meet The Press and told Chuck Todd that their committee was not charged with answering the Russia Collusion. The video is cued to the question and answer.

Later as reported by The Hill Conaway did try and walk back those comments, stating what he meant to say was “Obstruction,” not “Collusion.”

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