Problems Mount for Scott Pruitt

On Monday, The News Blender reported that the Government Accountability Office found that Scott Pruitt had violated federal law when his office purchased a soundproof booth costing taxpayers $43,000.00.

Wednesday, the White House’s Office of Management and Budget Director, Mick Mulvaney, told lawmakers on the House Appropriations Committee’s subpanel, that his office will investigate the matter.

According to The Hill, Mr. Mulvaney’s statement was directed at the subpanel’s top democrat, Mike Quigley of Illinois,

“We take the Antideficiency statute very, very seriously. And if they’ve been broken, we’ll follow the rules,” he told Rep. Mike Quigley (Ill.), the subpanel’s top Democrat.

He continued,

“We will enforce the law, and we’ll do so in a transparent fashion, Mr. Quigley. I’m not interested in covering for anybody else.”

Also today,

At the time of this post, Scott Pruitt is being investigated by the House of Representatives, Senate, White House, Office of Management and Budget, Government Accountability Office, and the EPA Inspector General. issued a press release listing the currently open investigations.

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