“Schoolhouse Rock” Creator Dies

Anyone who knows me and who has followed along with my essay series or pretty much any of my posts over the past couple of years, knows that I’m all about trying to educate the masses out there concerning how things are supposed to work in our Republic. Kids, and people in general, are just not being taught.

In that sense, I believe Bob Dorough was a kindred spirit, although I don’t think I have ever heard his name before. He was the creator of “Schoolhouse Rock” which brought us, among other things, the classic “I’m Just a Bill”.

From CNN

Bob Dorough, the creator of ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ passed away at age 94.
His granddaughter Corin Wolf didn’t disclose his exact cause of death but told CNN that Dorough was diagnosed with cancer last year.
R.I.P. Bob Dorough.
In memoriam, I give you:

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