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This morning, I posted the final essay in my “The People Are Sovereign” essay series. This was the culmination of many years of study on the subject and two and a half years of actual writing of the essays. They have gone through many revisions and rewrites and I suspect there will be many more as I learn more and get additional feedback. But for today, at least, I celebrate, and I am proud of the work done thus far.

I appreciate all who have followed along with me and have read the essays, or at least a few of them, or even just one. I realize that they are not the most exciting things to read and discuss, but many of the more important things that have great impact on our lives are not. I wish that more people realized the importance of it as much as I have come to learn, but also know that I spent many years thinking that I knew what I needed to know, only to be shocked at how much I didn’t know.

Please note that just because this was the final essay in the series, it doesn’t mean you’ve seen the last of it.

First, I am quite confident that more will be added as I learn more and think of more details that should be included. When Alexander Hamilton first thought of writing the essays to argue for the ratification of the Constitution (now known as the Federalist Papers), he had planned to write 25 essays…that turned into 85!

Also, since we will continue to get new visitors to the website everyday (we sure hope so, anyway), I want to make the essays readily available on a continuing basis. Therefore, they will continue to rotate through, perpetually…forever and ever…or at least until every last person in America understands or the Republic is gone, whichever comes first!

Tomorrow, I’m going to put one more post up before starting from the beginning again on Wednesday. Tomorrow’s post will be a Bibliography that lists all of the various sources that I’ve read over the years that have provided the basis for my thinking on the founding and the Constitution. It too will be an ever changing list as I continue to learn more and more.

So, once again, thank you to all those who have provided encouragement and feedback on the series!

We’ll be starting the rotation again on Wednesday, but with a new twist:

This time, there will be a test! 🙂

Each essay will be followed-up with a very short quiz on that specific essay, and then at the end, we’ll have a final test.

So get your virtual pencils sharpened!

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