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Reported by CNN News Tuesday Morning, the ‘caravan’ of migrants, has not entered the US, they are seeking asylum, at the border:

Eight migrants from the caravan were being processed by US officials at the border, the group Pueblo Sin Fronteras and two observers said Monday night. The eight were selected by their peers to go forward to apply for asylum, two observers from the Human Rights First group said.

Happy Small Business Week!

Reported by The News Blender on Monday NBC reported that Chief of Staff John Kelly has grown more frustrated with President Trump even going as far as to call him ‘an idiot.’

As of April 10th, according to the list @ Business Insider twenty-two people have resigned or been fired from President Trump’s White House Admin. Those under investigation for ethical violations, include Scott Pruitt, as reported @ The News Blender, Pruitt’s agency was found to have violated federal law when he ‘approved’ the purchase and installation of a sound proof booth in his office, costing tax payers an estimated $43,000 dollars. Reported by The Hill, as of April 18th, 170 lawmakers have signed a resolution demanding Scott Pruitt resign. The director of HUD, Ben Carson, has also been the subject of ethical concerns, raising red flags also with spending, when it was widely reported, he approved over $31,000 to be spent on a dining room table for his office, he has since, canceled the order.

President Trump has been in office 1 year, 100 days.

As The News Blender reported Tuesday Morning, late Monday The New York Times obtained a list of questions Mueller is reportedly interested in asking President Trump in regards to Mueller’s investigation.

Forbes why trade deficits are good.

Investopedia what are the pro’s and con’s of trade deficits.

Obstruction of Justice explained according to Find Law:

Other ways an individual may commit this offense include, but are not limited to, the following acts:

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