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The President, once again making everything about himself, weighed-in on the Roseanne flap by wondering why nobody has called him to apologize for the things they said about him. Spokesman Sanders stated, “The President is pointing to the hypocrisy in the media saying the most horrible things about this President and nobody addresses it.”

Huh? Ok, what about the hypocrisy of the President pointing to the hypocrisy of others saying mean things and not apologizing for them?

These people are all completely absurd.

Oh, and who would have ever thought that aligning with the likes of Roseanne Barr might backfire on the GOP? I remember when they were praising her as being representative of the typical Trump supporter. Oops.

North Korea:
The scenario that has worried me most about Trump from the get-go is unfolding before our eyes. I am concerned that our adversaries have determined exactly how to play to Trump’s ego, extreme need for adulation, and the need for believing he has “won” in any deal he is involved in. Trump seems so desperate to be able to claim some historic breakthrough with North Korea that I am not confident in his motivations and sincerity in doing the right thing over doing what will merely “look good”. This is not ideal when dealing with such sensitive world problems that can affect millions of lives.

Trump is, once again, lamenting his decision to appoint Sessions as AG. I’m sure he’d like to fire him and place someone more “loyal” to him in the position…someone who will make the entire Mueller investigation (aka witch hunt) go away. I actually think that the rush to meet with North Korea on 6/12 plays into that in his strategy. I think he very well may do some firings the night before or the day of the meeting, hoping that all of the adulation and hype about the historic event will overshadow the firings. Which could also be a good reason that they wanted to wait until after the NK summit for Trump to possibly meet with Mueller. Just a wild hunch that some ulterior motives are at play.

NFL Ban on Kneeling:
The NFL has every right to handle this kneeling situation as they see fit and I really have little problem with how they are now dealing with it, other than it’s not going to make the controversy go away. The problem I have with the whole thing is now reports are coming out that the President of the United States applied pressure on the owners to take the action that they did. Apparently, he made it clear that he would not let up on the criticisms unless they took action. Why? Because the issue was great for his image…it plays well with his supporters. I don’t care what side of the issue you are on with the kneeling, but it is a blatant abuse of power for the President to apply such pressure on a private business to do his bidding.

FBI Spying on Trump Campaign:
Trey Gowdy has been saying in interviews that the FBI did exactly what we should want them to do under the circumstances they found themselves in, in regards to the investigation surrounding the Trump campaign and suspected Russian attempts to infiltrate it. At the same time, Devin Nunes has been quiet since the meeting with the FBI. That should tell us something.

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