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Manafort Virginia trial delayed two weeks

From Politico

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s trial in a Virginia federal court on tax evasion and bank fraud charges filed by special counsel Robert Mueller will be delayed two weeks to now begin in late July, the judge in the case said Friday.

Alexandria-based U.S. District Court Judge T.S. Ellis III announced in an order that he is sliding the start date for Manafort’s trial from July 10 to July 24.

The judge said the delay was due to a medical procedure for one of his family members. However, last week he ordered a two-week delay in a hearing on some key motions in the case. That move led to speculation that Manafort’s trial would wind up being delayed.


Howard Dean: RNC could be charged with obstruction of justice for hiring Cohen

From The Hill

Former Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean claimed Friday that the Republican counterpart could face obstruction of justice charges for keeping President Trump‘s attorney Michael Cohen as its deputy finance chair amid a criminal probe.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber, Dean said that the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) decision to keep Cohen on staff as he is being probed for possible campaign finance violations and wire fraud could end up harming the organization.


Trump announces release of American held in Venezuela

From Politico

President Donald Trump on Saturday announced that an American citizen held in Venezuela would be released and on U.S. soil by Saturday evening.

“Good news about the release of the American hostage from Venezuela. Should be landing in D.C. this evening and be in the White House, with his family, at about 7:00 P.M,” the president wrote on Twitter. “The great people of Utah will be very happy!”

Josh Holt of Utah was arrested in 2016 after traveling to Venezuela to marry a woman he met online. According to a Washington Post report, Holt was accused of stockpiling weapons in public housing.


Former RNC Chair on Trump FBI ‘spygate’ claim: ‘Republicans are complicit in this crazy’

From The Hill

Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele on Friday scolded Republicans on MSNBC over their muted response to President Trump‘s claims that a “spy” was embedded in his campaign.

Steele told “Morning Joe” that party members “are complicit in this crazy.”

“And they’re sitting here now and dumbing down the system. They’re disintegrating the very pillars of justice in this country … by going after those institutions like the FBI and the [Department of Justice] DOJ, but then permitting the president to behave in a way in which no other American citizen — and they no damn well that this is true — would be able to behave,” he said.


Trump blames Democrats for separating migrant families at the border

From The Hill

President Trump on Saturday called for an end to his administration’s policy of separating undocumented immigrant families at the border for legal prosecution, blaming Democrats for inaction on immigration policy.

“Put pressure on the Democrats to end the horrible law that separates children from there parents once they cross the Border into the U.S. Catch and Release, Lottery and Chain must also go with it and we MUST continue building the WALL! DEMOCRATS ARE PROTECTING MS-13 THUGS,” Trump tweeted.


Special report: Why China scares politicians of all stripes

From Axios

China, with a series of short and long-term moves on the global stage, is doing something few others can: eliciting similar warnings and worries from Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio and nationalist Steve Bannon.

  • All three say China is a growing threat to America’s workers, economy, technology and national security.
  • All three weighed in after Jim VandeHei and I posted our piece Monday calling China the single greatest threat to the United States.


A Saturday Bonus Note from the “Crime Doesn’t Pay” File

Foam rubber gold bars fool man who burglarized Michigan shop

From AP

Fake promotional gold bars apparently appeared so much like the real thing that someone broke into a western Michigan flooring shop to take them.

WXMI-TV reports Old to Gold Hardwood Floors owner Rowdy Lapham arrived at work Monday to find his store in Grand Rapids burglarized. Foam rubber gold bars featuring the company’s logo were strewn about.



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