Thursday and Friday Trump Tweets


The senate voted to confirm Gina Haspel 54-45 the vote breakdown can be found

The Vice Premier and President Trump met to discuss trade between China and the U.S. the meeting was closed to the press. More meetings are scheduled for Friday.

White published a readout of the call between the two presidents that took place on May 14th. The call according to the White House was to reinforce the partnership between The United States and Argentina:

President Donald J. Trump spoke today with President Mauricio Macri to reinforce the strong partnership between the United States and Argentina. President Trump expressed strong support for President Macri’s efforts to transform Argentina’s economy, and the two leaders underscored the need to maintain momentum against the regime in Venezuela.

Since early May the Argentina government has faced mounting problems economically forcing them to seek help from the IMF (International Monetary Fund). The Guardian explains that IMF is considered the lender of last resort to nation states facing economic crisis. The Guardian points out that President Macri has declared the crisis over:

President Mauricio Macri declared the run on the peso to be over and sent an olive branch to the international money markets by vowing to speed up his deficit cutting effort.

The Farm Bill failed to pass the House in a vote of 213 against and 198 for. The Senate is currently working on their own version of the failed House Farm Bill.

As of Friday First Lady Melania Trump was still recovering @ Walter Reed Medical Center from her surgery she underwent on Monday, it is unclear when she will be released.


CNN’s Oliver Darcy on Thursday explained the error of the media outlets in taking President Trump’s words out of context.

As a reminder Attorney Jeff Session’s has appointed Utah States Attorney John Huber to investigate abuse of power at the DOJ level, along with reviewing the the Uranium One deal.

According to CNN US officials tell them that the confidential intelligence source was not planted inside the campaign, one stating that the informant is US citizen, but the official offered no further details on the matter.

John Cox is the leading republican in the primary for governor along with Travis Allen the two based on multiple reports will most likely face a run off after the June primary in CA. Allen tweet shortly after President Trump’s endorsement of his rival.

Happy Friday Evening Everyone From the News Blender.

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