Tuesday and Wednesday Trump Tweets

President Trump attends the National Republican Congressional Committee March Dinner. Screen Capture by TNB.

Congratulations to the Army Football team for their victories last year.

Southwest Airline Flight 1380 last month had to make an emergency landing when one of the planes engines exploded in-flight. One passenger, Jennifer Riordan was killed.

ABC News reported the list of both crew and passengers honored by President Trump:

Flight Crew: Tammie Jo Shults, Southwest Airlines Captain Darren Ellisor, Southwest Airlines First Officer Rachel Fernheimer, Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Seanique Mallory, Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Kathryn Sandoval, Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant

Flight Passengers: Tim McGinty, Hillsboro, Texas – Legacy Land Ranches Kristin McGinty, Hillsboro, Texas – Wife of Tim Andrew Needum, Celina, Texas – Firefighter, Celina City Fire Department Stephanie Needum, Celina, Texas – Wife of Andrew Peggy Phillips, Mesquite, Texas – Retired

President Trump is scheduled at some point in the coming weeks or months to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Officials from the U.S. and China are scheduled to meet Thursday and Friday in Beijing to iron out trade tensions.

President Trump on Monday extended the deadline for Steel Tariffs being put in place for our allies, the extension lasts for thirty days.

On Monday as reported @ The News Blender the New York Times published a list of what might be Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s questions he’d like President Trump to answer. As of Monday afternoon it was being widely reported that the ‘leak’ of those questions did not come from Mueller’s team, but are questions based on what President Trump’s own legal team suspects he will be asked.

Cornell Law School

§ 2635.702 Use of public office for private gain.

(c)Endorsements. An employee shall not use or permit the use of his Government position or title or any authority associated with his public office to endorse any product, service or enterprise except:

(1) In furtherance of statutory authority to promote products, services or enterprises; or

(2) As a result of documentation of compliance with agency requirements or standards or as the result of recognition for achievement given under an agency program of recognition for accomplishment in support of the agency‘s mission.


As reported @ The News Blender on April 20th, 2018, Congress leaked the Comey Memos a mere 40 minutes after the DOJ/FBI turned them over.

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