An Open Letter to Devin Nunes

Dear Devin,

Thank you very much for your letter. I’d love to help you with monetary support for your campaign, but, you see, I’m not an idiot.

I actually see and understand what you are doing, and I think it’s despicable. You, sir, are the epitome of what is destroying this great Republic. It’s people like you, covering for and lying for people like Trump, that has gotten us to where we are in this so very divided nation. It has nothing to do with right or left, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican. It’s all about virtue, Devin, of which you, and who you support, are sorely lacking. You are doing no better than Holder and Lynch did for Obama…covering up corruption, dishonesty, demagoguery, and, quite possibly, criminal behavior.

I can assure you that I am far from a “revenge-driven member of the Democratic leadership cabal” or part of “the Far Left media”. Yet, I agree that you are “dangerous”, “deliberately dishonest”, “unfit”, “a loose cannon”, and although I don’t think you are really “a Russian agent”, with all of the “coincidental” connections to Russia with people surrounding Trump, I really would not be surprised at all if we came to find out you were. Again, I’m not saying you are, but people are saying, if you know what I mean.

Will I stand with you?

No, Devin, I will not.

Your claims to “have been successful in uncovering the truth” and that you “will continue to stand for the truth” are nothing short of laughable. For someone to be actively supporting a man who tells more lies than Hillary, Obama, and Bill combined (which is quite an astronomical feat), makes your comments an utter joke.

No, Devin, it’s obvious to those of us who are not enamored by Trump that you are not interested in the truth at all. You are interested in fame, power, and money and you have determined that Trump is your ticket.

Good luck with that.

Thank you for telling me a bit about yourself. It was fascinating. But let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have been involved in conservative politics for almost 3 decades and during that time I have learned to spot the phonies. Your little bit about yourself claims that you are “an outsider, a conservative and a reformer.” The only thing I really believe about your description of yourself is that you grew up on a farm…therefore, you should know what I mean when I say that you being “an outsider, a conservative and a reformer” is just a load of BS.

I thought you were all about the truth, Devin?

Outsider? Really? You must think I am as gullible as the most die-hard Trump supporters. Devin, you have been in Congress for over 15 frickin’ years! You are the Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and you were the CEO of Trump’s Transition Team. Devin, you are the very definition of an “insider”.

Quit lying.

Conservative? Devin, you have a Conservative Review score of a pathetic “F 36%”! Devin, dude, there are four DEMOCRAT representatives from California with a higher rating than that! Come on, man! Who actually buys this stuff? Growing up on the farm really did teach you the hard work of shoveling a lot of manure!

Quit lying.

Reformer? Please, Devin, do not insult my intelligence. The only thing you’ve ever worked hard to reform is the conservative movement into believing Trump is a worthy leader of it.

Quit lying.

So, the biggest reason I should support you is that you were instrumental in concocting the entire Trump Conspiracy Narrative? The one that has fomented so much division and distrust of our Intelligence Community at a time where it’s so vitally important in today’s world? Sorry, Devin, I cannot support that.

I have been voting since you were 10 years old, Devin. In all of that time, I have never voted for a Democrat. I have never given a cent to a Democrat in support. I have never considered doing so. I do not want the Democrats to control the government. I disagree with nearly all of their policy proposals and believe that implementing more of them will further destroy our Constitutional system. That said, it’s politicians like you that has me considering it in an attempt to banish you from office. Your brand of dishonesty, divisiveness, demagoguery, and foolishness is dangerous to our Republic. And it’s going to drive more and more people right into the arms of the Democrats who will then complete the transition to a truly Socialist, anti-Constitution government. And all for someone who has a Conservative Rating of “F 36%”?? Sorry, you are just not worth fighting for, Devin.

You’ve put those of us who really see what’s going on in a real bind, Devin. Yes, as you state in your closing, there are “liars, propagandists and hypocrites from the Far Left fringe” who want to take us further away from the Constitutional Republic as it was founded. However, the past couple of years have shown us, without a doubt, that there are just as many liars, propagandists and hypocrites on the right that are doing an equal amount of damage and will push us further and faster to the Far Left fringe, and you, Devin, are among the leading culprits.

No, I won’t stand with you, Devin, because you stand for all of the worst demons of our nature and promoting that or supporting that in any way is not the way we will actually win, unless by “winning” you simply mean by making liberals cry (temporarily).

Respectfully yours,

Stephen Wood

P.S. If you really are a “reformer”…one thing I think would be a good idea would be to reform campaign financing such that candidates can only accept donations from those within their district. To me, it clearly disenfranchises those in your district to be collecting money from those outside your district. And better yet, it would prevent me from receiving garbage like your letter ever again.

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