Breaking News: Shooting at Maryland Newspaper (Updated)

Annapolis, Maryland-The Baltimore Sun reports that a shooting has occurred at the Capital Gazette in Anne Arundel County. Capital Gazette is a paper owned by The Baltimore Sun.

Phil Davis a Capital Gazette reporter has said multiple people had been shot.

ATF were on the scene, “Agents with the ATF were on the scene in Annapolis to provide support to local law enforcement, said Amanda Hils, a spokeswoman for the federal agency. ATF can help with tracing weapons, conducting interviews and other assistance”

Governor Larry Hogan asks for everyone to stay out of the area.

Update 1

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According to reports the building has many offices, it’s unclear at this time, if the building itself was a “soft” target, or if the paper employees were the intended targets.

It’s being reported that 4 people have dead and that they have a suspect in custody.

This is a breaking news story, will update as we get more information.

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Update 2

Local Police, and others have confirmed 5 fatalities not 4 as originally reported.

There is also discussion of an explosive device that was disarmed.

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