Debunking Anthony Bourdain’s Murder

Anthony Bourdain took his own life in Kaysersberg, France on Friday.  He hanged himself in a luxury hotel, using the tie from his bathrobe.

The A.P. covered the story, interviewing the authority in charge of the investigation, Christian de Rocquigny:

Rocquigny said there did not appear to be much planning in the television personality’s suicide.

“There is no element that makes us suspect that someone came into the room at any moment,” he said, adding that a medical expert had concluded that there were no signs of violence on Bourdain’s body.

Rocquigny said toxicology tests were being carried on Bourdain’s body, including urine tests, to see if the 61-year-old American took any medications or other drugs, in an effort to help his family understand if anything led him to kill himself.

This is the time when people have a sense of propriety.  The man is dead.  Like most people, he had flaws and he had enemies, and inevitably jokes will be made as people try to process the loss of someone they liked.  The grieving process will begin and people deal with it in different ways.  The flaws will be downplayed for a while, the enemies will either say nothing or give statements of how they regret his passing, and the jokes will be made privately between those who have morbid senses of humor or never given voice.

Or, should I say, most people have a sense of propriety.

This is one of the ways conspiracy theories get started.  While the rest of the world is trying to maintain respect for human decency, some conspiracy theorists become active.  The politically motivated do so in an effort to try to weaponize the grief, and others are simply obsessed with publicly questioning everything in an effort to be seen as intelligent (or even “the smartest person in the room”)

Anyone shooting down these theories immediately (such as the U.K. Mirror) will be denounced as being unwilling to question authority or, in some cases, to be “in on it”.  Those who give time for the body to be buried and the family to grieve will lose their credibility with the conspiracy theorists in another way: “Why did it take you so long to respond?”  In this world, there is never a correct answer and Occam’s razor always lies.

So, who is saying that Bourdain was killed?

Well, Alex Jones, of course.  And, also of course, it was because Bourdain was secretly a huge Trump fan.  Hillary had him killed.

Anyone wishing to defend the “Hillary kill list” should probably go back and read the comment section of last week’s post.  Anyone wishing to defend the kill list in the wake of having it promoted by Alex Jones should consider who they’re throwing in with.

For those who think I give Jones too much credibility, I remind everyone of the long ties between Jones and Trump. (Independent)  Trump campaign workers and advisers have been guests and even guest-hosted on Jones’ Infowars show.  Far more than Hannity, Limbaugh, or Nunes; more than Cruz, Levin or Andy McCarthy, Alex Jones is the thought leader with the longest history of being respected by Donald Trump.  Through Trump, all of the others mentioned have been following Jones’ lead.

But Jones isn’t the only one.  A quick scan of Twitter for “Anthony Bourdain Murder” finds many people who have decided that facts don’t matter and that the on-site analysis of an expert can’t be trusted:

Oh, that “Truepundit” link?  An Alex Jones wannabe.

So, for anyone counting, Anthony Bourdain – in defiance of all reported evidence – was apparently killed not by himself, but by a consortium of entities including Harvey Weinstein & the Hollywood elite; Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party; Satanists; and the Russians with the passive aid of Donald Trump.

The people promoting this garbage are not clever, nor are they smart.  They are not honestly questioning, because they have a solid report and no reasons other than their own desires to deny it.  They are using the death of a man to further their ends, seemingly without care about the pain such allegations may cause to those left grieving in the wake of Bourdain’s death.


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