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CBS News explained in May that the “spending cuts,” are not truly spending cuts, it’s money that was assigned for things, such as Super Storm Sandy aid, that didn’t get spent and is now, unable to be used for other things, it will not reduce the deficit.

source gateway pundit.

#Spygate  explained.

As a reminder the Republicans hold the majority in both the Congress, and narrowly in the Senate, both chambers since 2014.


CA held their primary election on Tuesday

Gavin Newsome (D) 1,341,203 33%

John Cox (R) 1,056,038 26%

There were twenty-seven people on the ballot running for Governor.

Two democrats will face off for the Senate.

Dianne Feinstein 1,697,699 43.8%

Kevin de Leon 436,595 11.3%

James Bradley (R) 341,074 8.8%

Newsweek reports that Michael Metcalf died in Afghanistan in 2012, when he drove over a bomb during his first mission, in an effort to rescue others. His family was among forty families honored at the White House on Monday.

In a statement after the event, via Newsweek, the First Lady said, “To all those who have lost loved ones in service to our country, our nation grieves with you. It is a solemn reminder that we, the American people, are able to live as freely as we do because of the selfless sacrifices of our men and women in uniform.”

As a reminder Tuesday was a Primary Election. The General Election is in November 2018.

LA Times  in March 2017 wrote a piece about Rep Rohrabacher. The former speech writer of President Ronald Reagan is known as the “favorite congressman of Putin,” according to the media outlet Politico.

In 1988 Rohrabacher signed up for a week, fighting in the Afghan civil war, the mission “take out a Soviet position outside Jalalabad.”

He explains to the LA Times it was the moment he realized, “I think, since that moment, I have realized that I was fighting communism all that time, but I wasn’t fighting Russians.”


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