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Governor Henry McMaster of South Carolina faced a GOP run-off election on Tuesday against John Warren. @ The News Blender and @ The New York Times for full primary election coverage.

McMaster: 182,838  53.6%

Warren: 158,286 46.4%

McMaster who became governor last year when Nikki Haley became Ambassador to the U.N. will face Democratic candidate James Smith (147,987 61.8% from the June 12th primary) in November 6th, 2018.

Rep Dan Donovan (R-NY) the incumbent was challenged by former Rep Michael Grimm (R) who in 2014 plead guilty to causing the filing of a false and fraudulent tax return via the DOJ statement in 2014, “Grimm admits to concealing over $900,000 in Gross Income and Lying Under Oath While a Member of Congress.”

Donovan 12,774 63.9%

Grimm 7,219 36.1


Rep Dan Donovan (R-NY) voted no on the Republican Tax Cut Bill. In December 2017, Donovan released a statement explaining his no vote.

The statement explains that while he was eager to support tax cuts that would, “put more money in the pockets of overburdened taxpayers and spur job creation,” that he was unable to support the republican bill because the bill would increase taxes for many of his “Staten Island and Brooklyn constituents.” He concludes his statement by saying that while New York is a high taxed state and that he hopes the bill will serve as a wake-up call to politicians who have been taxing and spending with little regard for the taxpayer, he doesn’t feel people should be even more penalized:

“But that still doesn’t make it right to penalize people even more. My responsibility and allegiance is to the people who sent me here, and I will not support a tax hike on the people I represent.”

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In the democratic primary Joseph Crowely (D-NY, House District 14) the incumbent faced new comer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Crowley 11, 761 42.5%

Ocasio-Cortez 15,897 57.5%

Ocasio-Cortez is twenty-eight years old, a Bernie Sanders supporter, and female.

Speaking with CNN this morning she also would support efforts to impeach President Trump if it turns out he violated the law.

for more thoughts on the surprising win @ The News Blender, here, and here.

On Tuesday five states, New York, Maryland, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, held their state primaries while two states, Mississippi and South Carolina held primary runoff elections, meaning that neither candidate for the same party achieved enough votes in the original primary to be on the general election ballot, in November.

Mitt Romney 217,049 71.7%

Mike Kennedy 85,622 28.3%

The democrat candidate, Jenny Wilson, ran uncontested.


Breaking News more to come later, but it’s being reported by multiple sources, that the House rejected another immigration bill.

@ The News Blender for more on the Supreme Court Order.

Questions for President Trump?

Have you moved your product production into the U.S.?

What have you done specifically for Harley-Davidson?

Did you know that Harley-Davidson sold 40,000 units in Europe last year, their 2nd largest motorcycle purchasing market?

Is this what capitalism looks like?

For what it is worth

Brown-Forman Corp. spokesman Phil Lynch told The Associated Press that the price of Jack Daniel’s in the EU will likely rise by about 10 percent, a change which will go into effect over the next couple of months.

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