Deal or No Deal? That is the Question

U.S. Russia Summit — On Tuesday Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for Russia’s Defense Ministry issued a statement to TASS, Russian’s state run media, the statement says, “Russia’s Defense Ministry is ready to enliven contacts between the Russian and US General Staffs to extend the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START).”

The statement goes on to say that Russia is ready for the “practical implementation of the agreements in the sphere of international security reached by Russian and US Presidents, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, at their Monday’s summit in Helsinki.”

When asked via CNN about the agreement, The National Security Council spokesperson “would not confirm,” what President Trump and Vladimir Putin had agreed to during the private two hour meeting saying instead that the Helsinki summit was just a “beginning of a process between the United States and Russia to reduce tensions and advance areas of cooperation in our mutual interest,” the spokesperson added they were still, “reviewing the discussion between President Trump and President Putin, considering possible next steps, and have nothing further to announce at this time.”

President Trump has faced backlash over comments made Monday that seemed to take Putin’s word over U.S. intelligence agencies in regards to their assessment that Russia in fact interfered in the 2016 Presidential election. On Tuesday he attempted to walk back his statement saying that he misspoke when he said, “Why would they,” what he meant to say was “why wouldn’t they.”

Democrats on the Hill have issued public statements demanding a hearing be held in regards to President Trump’s summit with Russia, including interviewing the translator to find out exactly what agreement was entered into with Russia on the United States’ behalf.

Why This Matters (Opinion)

A President is suppose to be subject to Checks and Balances and without the most information possible there can be no checks and there is no balance.

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