First Daughter to Close Fashion Line

Ivanka Trump and Administrator Linda McMahon.

On Tuesday Page Six reported in what the paper calls an exclusively that Ivanka Trump’s clothing and shoe company is folding.

In a statement to the paper Ivanka Trump said, “When we first started this brand, no one could have predicted the success that we would achieve.”

In the seventeen plus months since she became the First Daughter and President Trump adviser, her clothing line has been dropped from several stores, Nieman Marcus, Jet, DSW, Shoes, Belk, ShopStyle, Nordstrom, which resulted in a President Trump tweet blasting Nordstroms decision to drop the clothing line.

After the President blasted Nordstrom’s in the tweet, Kellyanne Conway a presidential aide said on Fox & Friends, “go buy Ivanka’s stuff,” which resulted in a bipartisan backlash and ethics review on whether the comment violated government rules.

The most recent store to drop Ivanka Trump’s clothing merchandise was by Hudson’s Bay a Canadian chain.

Ivanka in her statement to Page Six said that after having spent time in Washington she’s unsure if and when she’d return and that it “was the only fair outcome for my team and partners,” to close the clothing and shoe line.

CNN reports the number of affected staff, who according to Page Six have been told of the lays, is about eighteen people.

The closure comes as ethic watchdog groups have criticized the Trump family for using the Presidency as a way to enrich themselves.

One such group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics told CNN in a statement that “while it’s a notable step in the right direction, it’s a small one that comes much too late,” Noah Bookbinder the groups executive director added, “the ethics issues that arise from her ownership of the Ivanka Trump Brand also arise from her ownership stake in the Trump Organization, and still more issues arise from her father’s ownership of that business. If the Trump family truly cared about ethics, they would fully divest themselves of these assets — something they should have done before they entered the White House.”

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