Government Witness List Released

Special Counsel Robert Mueller 2012. Photo By The White House

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s potential witness list for the upcoming Virginia trial against Paul Manfort, the former campaign chairman for President Trump, has been released. Politico uploaded the full court document that lists only the thirty-five potential witnesses.

The most notable names, include Richard Gates, Tad Devin, Alex Trusko. (Talking Points Memo)

Gates, entered a plea deal with special counsel Mueller’s office in February of 2018, Vox has all court documents in relation to Gates and his plea deal as of February 2018.

Tad Devin, according to The Hill, worked  for Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) as a chief strategist, TPM reports, Devin worked with Manafort on the Ukraine consulting projects.

Alex Trusko, who TPM reports was not only Manafort’s assistant, he was also the one that gave the FBI permission to search Manafort’s storage unit last year.

Other names include employees of the bookkeeping and tax preparation firms, Kositzka, Wicks, and Company accountant Philip Ayliff, and NKSFB’s Heather Washkun.

The court documents do not offer any information about what the witnesses if called will testify to. It’s also being reported by many sources, Manafort’s defense team has request twelve blank subpoenas for defense witnesses.

Manafort’s trial is scheduled to start on July 31st, 2018.


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