Monday and Tuesday #Trump Tweets

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Happy Birthday Warrant Officers!

Judge Brett Kavanaugh if confirmed will replace a retiring Justice Kennedy.

For a mini bio of Judge Kavanaugh @ The News Blender

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“NATO countries must pay MORE” on their own military.

NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Treaty is not equal to Trade deals.

“the United States must pay LESS. Very Unfair!” For our own military.

NATO spending is based on the nations GDP. The money spent is money spent on allied countries own military spending.

European Council Donald Tusk replied via twitter

President Ronald Reagan.

President Calvin Coolidge.

@ The News Blender reported this morning that all members of the soccer team and the coach have been recused.

Fox News: Lisa Page former FBI/DOJ employee is expected to testify this week behind close doors. Fox News reported on the above tweet stating it’s unclear whether Page will show up as the Judiciary Committee has issued a subpoena, the article quoting a committee source reports that Page’s attorney is in the process of working with the committee and that her testimony will be voluntary given.

Peter Strzok’s is scheduled to testify in public before two committee, Judiciary and the House Oversight, on Thursday.

New York Times: In May of last year and on Tuesday, they reported on President Trump misleading statements on NATO.

The money spent on NATO is money spent by each member on their own military, not on other countries military spending, there is no “debt” involved “None of the NATO allies are in arrears on these contributions.”

U.S Debt Clock

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