Rescue Operations Save More Trapped Boys

Cave rescue footage from Chiang Rai, Thailand

Rescue operations continue in Northern Thailand as divers work to free the remaining members of a 12-youth soccer team and their coach.  The Wild Boars team has been trapped in a cave by monsoon flooding for two weeks.

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The situation continues to improve.  The rescue workers took time for rest, equipment checks and assess the results from the first day of efforts.  After the rescues resumed today more children have been removed from the cave.

Boy #5 appeared at 4:45 PM at the mouth of the cave.  Boys #6 and 7 appeared at 6:20 and 6:30, respectively.  Boy #8 was seen leaving the mouth of the cave at 6:59.  All were flown to the hospital in nearby Chiang Rai city.  (Khaosad English)

The four children saved yesterday have been identified by various media sources including the Daily Beast and the New York Post.

Accounts differ as to which four were removed, so official word is being awaited.  The four have not yet been made available to the public, as they are quarantined while their health – both physical and mental – is assessed by medical experts.

The condition for one of the boys rescued yesterday has improved.  His “red” status has been upgraded to “yellow”, signifying that he is still being closely monitored but his life is no longer in immediate danger.

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