Rudy Giuliani: Good Luck With That

President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani started his Sunday morning with this random tweet

Twitter had fun with the tweet.

Twenty minutes later he tweeted this

During his appearance on *Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan asked a handful of questions and received a handful of answers.

Asked about the negations with special counsel Robert Mueller’s office and President Trump sitting for an interview, Giuliani said, they made an offer, but it’s been a week or ten days, and Mueller’s office hasn’t responded, but he says, “I don’t hold that against them I think they’d got a lot going on like we do.” Brennan asked what the offer looked like, he said, “I can’t tell you,” he adds they would like to focus the questions just on “Russia collusion,” but they might consider answering a few on obstruction.

What are his thoughts about The New York Times report that Mueller is looking at President Trump’s tweets for a possible pattern to obstruction of justice?

Giuliani replies in part, “Good luck about the tweeting. First of all, you know, obstruction by tweet is not something that I think works real well.” He says that obstruction is “clandestine,” adding, “you don’t want evidence out in the public.” He concludes by saying, “A lot of his tweets have been very helpful. The reason he may not have to testify is he’s laid out his defense.”

Brennan asks about the Trump Tower meeting, Michael Cohen and the tapes, Giuliani calls Cohen an “instinctual liar,” saying he was surprised by this. Pressed about his comments a few weeks ago calling Cohen an “honorable lawyer,” he says, “How did I know?” He concludes by saying, ” I didn’t know he would grossly violate the attorney-client privilege. I didn’t know he would mislead dozens of reporters and tape them all over the place, and pretend to them directly, ‘I’m not recording you.’

He is asked by Brennan about the tapes, he replies there are “183 unique conversations on tape.” Giuliani believes eleven or twelve of those tapes, “in which the president is discussed at any length by Cohen, mostly to reporters.” He concludes his answer by saying “I want you to hear them all.”

Saturday Giuliani told Fox News, that “two experts and retired FBI agents have analyzed,” the audio recording made by Cohen, “and believe it was “played” with.” He also told Fox News via phone that they are trying to obtain a raw copy of the tape, according to Giuliani, because the audio that was aired on CNN as was reported @ The News Blender was a recording of the original recording, “they are unable to determine if Cohen cut off the recording in the room, in real time, or altered and/or erased parts of it at a later date.”

For What It’s Worth

President Trump’s personal friend and long-time attorney appeared on CNN’s OutFront and said, “I knew as soon as Giuliani spoke, that he was damaging Trump’s case immeasurably.”

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