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Washington Post—Friday the paper reported that Twitter in an attempt to crack down on Bot accounts aka Fake accounts aka Trolls, the company confirmed to the Post, they are suspending roughly one-million accounts daily. This course of aggressive removal of unwanted accounts might cause a rare decline in the amount of monthly users of the social media platform. So far in the months of May and June Twitter has suspended over 70 million accounts.

Since the revelation that Russia did in fact use Twitter and Facebook, among other social media platforms to interfere in the U.S. Presidential election cycle of 2016, Twitter has issued many public statements in regards to how they have made changes to protect users from these dubious accounts the Post article states that “In May, Twitter announced major changes to the algorithms it uses to police bad behavior. Twitter is expected to make another announcement related to this initiative next week.”

Washington Post has been in publication since 1877 @ Encyclopedia Britannica for a history of the papers highs and lows.

The New York Times has been in publication since 1851 @ Encyclopedia Britannica for a history of the papers highs and lows.

The front-runner being reported by multiple media outlets are three federal appeals court judges, Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, the assumed front-runner, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, and Jude Raymond Kethledge. President Trump is expected to make his announced at 9 p.m. est, 6 p.m. pacific on Monday July 9th, 2018.

FBI agent Peter Strzok according to the IG report, was not the head of either investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server or Russian election meddling, the IG did not answer the question of collusion with Russia, as it’s sole focus was how the FBI/DOJ handled the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s handling of government emails.

Currently Uranium One, among other things is being investigated by Utah states attorney John Huber who was appointed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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