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Yesterday I was trying to find a news story to share with you this morning, but I struggled in this effort, not because there was no news, but because I read the replies to this tweet from Fox News Bret Baier which was posted @ The News Blender article that reported about a reporter being barred from attending a White House event, because she “shouted” questions at the President.

The tweet in and of itself is not bad, it’s a media reporter sticking up for another one as they often do. However the replies left me both sad and angry.

For example:

No he isn’t, but he is the President of the United States, we have seriously sank so low, that a reporter is expected to behave better than our President. Let that sink in.

Another one:

Free Press: It means the government can’t shut you down. President Trump is the government the government is him, if he doesn’t like it, then he should resign.

He went on with more tweets

Or this “Have you ever heard of raising your hand.”

In the clip I posted, Obama and Trump are “shouted” questions, oh no the horror, of reporters asking questions….it’s their whole job. It’s not school, it’s not seeking permission, it’s a job, shout it out, if they answer, “good for you,” if they don’t “oh well, maybe next time.”

More of Bret getting told off on twitter for defending the media–Support the NRA blocked Bret….

He’s called a liar

He is told he won’t be watched anymore, he is called Deep State, he is hammered for doing the one thing, others don’t seem capable of often anymore, which is the right thing.

The media is a business, it’s a protected business in so far as the government may not shut them down, may not hinder or say “you can’t print that,” or “you can’t say that.” President Trump our government leaders, from that city council member to the President of the United States swear an oath to defend our Constitution and every time President Trump calls them “fake news,” or calls them the enemy he is, 100 percent being unconstitutional. He is not special he is not different than every damn president that has come before him. He is our representative. He is not the boss of us. We are in fact the boss of him. And it about damn time. We the People remember that.

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