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More than 2,500 migrant children waiting to be reunited with parents over next two weeks

From The Hill

The Trump administration has identified over 2,500 children between the ages of 5 and 17 who have been separated from their parents, according to a new court filing.

According to the filing, there are a total of 2,551 children in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) who could potentially have been separated from their parent after being apprehended for crossing into the U.S. illegally.

However, HHS said it will not — and cannot — reunite all those children with their parents.

“It is not, nor should it be, our objective to reunify all 2,551 minors with the adult whom they arrived here with, because some of those adults are not their parents or pose a clear danger to the children,” the agency said in a statement.


Scottish police search for Trump protest paraglider

From Politico

Scottish police said they are hunting for a Greenpeace paraglider who flew a protest sign Friday over the Scottish golf club where U.S. President Donald Trump is staying for the weekend, the Associated Press reported.

The paraglider committed a criminal offense by flying into a no-fly zone over the hotel, detective inspector Stephen McCulloch said Saturday, according to the AP.

The paraglider’s sign, which read “Trump: Well below par #Resist,” was designed to critique President Trump’s migration and environmental policies, the environmental advocacy group Greenpeace said. It was flown over the Turnberry golf club moments after Trump and his wife Melania arrived.

Trump arrived in Scotland on Friday ahead of a summit where he will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on Monday.


Pompeo says Trump-Putin summit should proceed

From CNN

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said President Donald Trump should proceed with his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday even as the political fallout continues over the indictments of 12 Russian military intelligence officers for hacking into Democrats’ computer networks and emails during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Despite calls by top Democrats in Congress for Trump to cancel the meeting, Pompeo told reporters on his flight back from Mexico Friday night, “I think it’s very important that they meet.”

“I am confident that President Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin will put America in a better place,” Pompeo said.

Trump plans to meet one-on-one with Putin at the start of their first formal summit talks in Helsinki, Finland, before allowing other aides to participate


Producers plan movie about Thai cave rescue

From AP

The producers behind Christian films like “God’s Not Dead” are already in Thailand with plans to develop a movie about the 18-day saga of the soccer team trapped in a flooded cave. Though the drama of headline-grabbing rescues often doesn’t carry over the big screen, Pure Flix Entertainment co-founder Michael Scott believes the story about the 12 boys and their 25-year-old coach is ripe for movie adaptation.

“We realized that this would make an incredibly inspiring movie,” Scott said Wednesday, speaking by phone from Thailand. “Like a lot of people, we know there’s not a lot of positive news in the world today.”

Scott said he feels a personal connection with the story. His wife is Thai and he said he was spending the summer in Bangkok when the soccer team went missing. Scott and fellow producer Adam Smith recently traveled to the area around the cave in the northern Thailand, and they have begun talking to some of the participants about their “life rights.”


Indiana has spent over $20 million on cleanup of failed Pence family gas stations: report

From The Hill

The state of Indiana has spent at least $21 million to clean up the contaminated sites left behind by Vice President Pence’s shuttered family gas stations, The Associated Press reported Friday.

The AP found that Indiana has spent an average of $500,000 to clean up each site left behind by Kiel Bros. Oil Co., which went bankrupt and closed down in 2004.

Pence’s father had created the business, which included more than 200 gas stations.

Kentucky and Illinois have also had to clean up contamination left behind by the gas stations, spending about $1.7 million on more than 25 of Kiel Bros.’s former sites, the AP reported.


Some MAGA hats made in China may increase in price because of tariffs

From The Hill

A California-based company that sells “Make America Great Again” hats similar to the official hats sold the Trump campaign says its prices may rise due to Chinese manufacturers “nervous” about the effects of President Trump‘s tariffs.

David Lassoff, who runs the company IncredibleGifts, told ABC News that prices of the hat could double from between $9 and $12 to at least $20 if he is forced to abandon his Chinese manufacturers and make the hats in the United States. The hat is his website’s best-selling item, and Lassoff claims to have sold hundreds of thousands of the item.

“We usually sell the MAGA hats for around $9 to $12. But it could go up to $20 if we had to make them in the U.S. and embroider them here,” Lassoff said.

“There might be a limited quantity [of hats] in the future. We’re trying to make sure we have enough hats in stock now, so if things change, we’re prepared,” he added.

Lassoff’s company is not involved with the official Trump campaign “Make America Great Again” hat, which according to the campaign store’s website is manufactured entirely in the U.S.


A Saturday Bonus Note from the “Right in the Feels” File

Obit, memorial service of 5-year-old Iowa boy gets attention

From AP

His obit notes his likes: Playing with his sister, his blue bunny, thrash metal music. And his dislikes: Pants, dirty stupid cancer, and the times hospital workers had to access his medical port.

The obit was compiled by his parents, Emilie and Ryan Matthias, who began asking Garrett questions about such adult topics as funeral and burial preferences when they learned from doctors last month that his cancer was terminal.

His responses, his mom said Friday, make up the obituary.

Asked about death, Garrett responded he was “going to be a gorilla and throw poo at Daddy!” Asked whether he wanted to be buried or cremated, he replied, “I want to be burned (like when Thor’s mommy died) and made into a tree so I can live in it when I’m a gorilla.”

And he was specific about the kind of affair he expected his funeral to be.

“Funerals are sad,” he said. “I want five bouncy houses (because I’m 5), Batman and snow cones.”

The obit closes with his last message, “See ya’ later, suckas! -The Great Garrett Underpants.”


A Saturday Bonus Bonus Note from the “#LipSyncChallenge” File


Flower Mound Police Department Lip Sync Challenge

We may be late to the #lipsyncchallenge party, but we have arrived! The wait is finally over, Flower Mound! We love serving you and hope you enjoy seeing your FMPD employees take on some new moves.Thanks for the challenge, Grapevine Police Department. We’re passing the #lipsync baton to the Grand Prairie Police, Highland Village Police Department, Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's Office (Louisiana), and Sachse Police Department. NOTE: We do not own the rights to this song. This is a nonprofit video production as part of a national online police department competition. Music credits: Meghan Trainor.#lipsyncbattle #fashionablylate #savedthebestforlast

Posted by Flower Mound Police Department on Thursday, July 12, 2018

Norfolk Police get ‘funky’ in lip sync battle challenge

After Texas police challenged the Norfolk Police Department to a lip sync battle, Norfolk's finest went all out with this AMAZING one-take rendition of "Uptown Funk!" Don't believe us? Just watch! (?: Norfolk Police)Read more:

Posted by WTKR News 3 on Monday, July 9, 2018


If you have been watching these battles unfold, feel free to share video in the comments!


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