The Presidents of the United States

How much do you know about our Presidents? How many were there? Can you name them?

We thought it might make an interesting series to go through each of our Presidents and provide some basic information on them. When did they serve? What were they like? What party were they from? What were the major issues during their terms?

I will be tackling this project, starting with very minimal, basic information for the first run through. The series will alternate with my “The People Are Sovereign” essay series. So the plan is to add a little bit more information each time the series runs at TNB, to eventually include short bibliographies, famous quotes, and fun facts about each President.

I know that I will learn a lot during this process and hope that you’ll join me and add to the discussions about each one. And pay attention, because there just might be a quiz for each one as well.

Tomorrow, we’ll start with #1…George Washington.

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