U.S. Serviceman Killed, Two Wounded

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Kabul, Afhanistan – NATO-led coalition’s resolute Support Mission released a public statement on Saturday. The brief statement explains that one U.S. service member has been killed and two other’s wounded in an “apparent insider attack in southern Afghanistan,” meaning the attacker was possibly an Afghan Security Force Member. An investigation into the incident has been started.

To comply with Department of Defense policy, the service members name is being withheld, until twenty-fours after the next of kin notification.

The statement adds that the two wounded service members are in stable condition and are currently being treated.

Why it Matters (opinion)

President Trump is scheduled next week to meet with NATO allies in Brussels, visit the UK, and hold a summit with President Putin. For that last two years, President Trump has blasted NATO for what he calls “unfair treatment to the US by our NATO allies,” let this serve as a reminder, while he rallies about “cost,” our service members are still fighting a war.

CNN reports this is the third service member killed in a “combat fatality in Afghanistan this year.”

The News Blender offers our condolences to the service members family and hopes for a speedy and full recovery for those injured.

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