Um, Yes…They REALLY Do Think We’re All Idiots

Part of the CONFIDENTIAL Campaign Battle Plan...oops, I'm not suppose to share it...

I received an important, CONFIDENTIAL letter from Karl Rove over the weekend. If you didn’t receive one, it means that you didn’t make the cut. Sorry. Try harder in the future to be a “loyal Republican activist”…like me.

In fact, it seems that I am so important that my name was forwarded to Karl Rove specifically and he then asked Sen. Cory Gardner (the Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee) if he could send me this CONFIDENTIAL Campaign Battle Plan!

Holy S***! I bet you didn’t realize how big a deal I am, did you?

Karl personally reserved a copy of the Campaign Battle Plan (#0702290) just for me because I am such a committed Republican! It even has a number assigned to it, so that means it’s really official!

I would tell you all about this CONFIDENTIAL Campaign Battle Plan, but I’ve been instructed to not leave it lying around due to the sensitive information it contains. You see, it’s meant only for me. Sorry.

Karl (I think we’re on a first name basis now, even though the letter was addressed to “Fellow Republican”…probably to keep my identity CONFIDENTIAL) wants me to look over the CONFIDENTIAL Campaign Battle Plan (#0702290) right away and initial it to indicate my approval of the plan. I’m to return it to him within 5 days (because I’m sure they won’t get started with anything until I approve).

Oh, and he’s wondering if I could send some money with it…

Ok, so, you get the idea. Here’s the thing…this stupidity must work on people. They don’t call it political “science” for nothing. I assure you that this stuff works, or they would not spend the money to do it. All political mailings are similar. There’s only one reason they would send us crap like this…because they think we’re rubes, easily manipulated…they think we are idiots.

I so wish they were not right.

So, how does this provide evidence that Russia’s meddling in the election affected the results? I’m glad you asked.

Think about the types of things Russia did…they sent out information via social media and planted stories around the internet in order to manipulate our thoughts and actions. They organized and instigated rallies and protests. Just as our candidates and Super PACS that supported them sent out manipulative mail, emails, social media posts, etc in order to persuade us to vote a certain way, the Russians did the exact same thing. Therefore, if we’re to believe that the Russian’s activities had no impact on the election, than we must also believe that the candidate’s activities and those of the PACS that support them (including Karl Rove) likewise had no impact on the election. In other words, the $6.8 billion that was spent on the 2016 election had no effect.

And if all of these people who are telling us that the Russians had no impact on the election really believed that, then they would quit spending money by sending me this crap, like this insult to my intelligence I received from Karl “The Architect” Rove. How the hell do people still take that guy seriously?

When will we quit proving to them that we really are idiots?

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