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CNN Money explains this development comes days after Saudi Arabia agreed to go “all in with production after reaching a complicated agreement, during a meeting with OPEC members in Vienna earlier this month.

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For those interested Trump Twitter Archive is a real thing.

Congress has failed to pass two immigration bills in June.

Illegal citizens who are seeking entry in the United States, are in fact given due process under our Constitution, whether they arrive at a legal port of entry, or not, they are still processed in most cases as asylum seekers. The government does have the ability and means to “expedite removal,” without triggering due process, in several cases an “expedited removal,” is when the illegal entry alien, voluntary returns to their country. Typical the “expedite removal,” is enacted when the presenting illegal or legal immigrate commits a form of fraud, either by presenting false documents or giving false information in verbal form to Border Agents. They also use “expedited removal,” in smuggling cases, be them human smugglers or drug smugglers.

Side note more to come on this tidbit later, but for what it is worth, WNYC Studios reported on Monday that announced in June, by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) that they were creating a new Denaturalization Task Force. This task force according to the AP article from June, will be tasked with investigating naturalized citizens the USCIS says shouldn’t have been naturalized in the first place. According to the linked article the USCIS is expected to hire several dozen lawyers and immigration officers to review the cases.


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