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Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page was subpoenaed by Congress, she and her lawyer arrived at the FBI on Wednesday requested documents, after three hours and no documents received they asked the Committee to postpone the interview, they refused. Lisa Page left without being interviewed on advice of counsel. (CNN)

IG report: “We also noted that the Russia investigation was under the supervision of Priestap—for whom we found no evidence of bias and who himself was aware of the Weiner laptop issue by September 29.” (pg ix)

IG report: “As we describe in this chapter, we found that Strzok was not the sole decision maker for any of the specific investigative decisions examined in this chapter. We further found evidence that in some instances Strzok and Page advocated for more aggressive investigative measures than did others on the Midyear team, such as the use of grand jury subpoenas and search warrants to obtain evidence.” (pg 149)

For more on NATO: @ The News Blender, here, here, and here.

According to many–many sources, we do not in fact pay for protection for other countries, we pay for our own military defense spending, we have bases across the global for our benefits, not just for the country that we house our military bases in.

The New York Times: Chancellor Angela Merkel responded in part by saying, Germany, “can make our own policies and make our own decisions.” The article explains that Germany is the world’s largest importer of natural gas. They receive about forty percent of their crude oil, and about thirty percent of their coal. In 2009 Germany started storing larger reserves to be more resilient if Russia cuts of the supply. In 2017 German Siemens “stopped delivery of power plant turbines.”

@ The News Blender North Korea, “US officials were stood up by Korean officials at a planned meeting on the demilitarized zone to discuss the repatriation of the remains of US soldiers.” North Korea has also expressed regret over meeting with Secretary of State Pompeo.

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