What the Hell is Going On?

Have we all entered the Twilight Zone?

Please, somebody…anybody…explain to me what the purpose was for Trump’s meeting with Putin. Was there a specific goal in mind? Was there even a specific topic of concern to be discussed? Does anyone know?

Think about that. How insanely ludicrous is that?

Amidst the suspicions and ongoing investigation concerning Russia’s interference in our democracy, and more specifically, the investigations of the Trump campaign colluding with it…who, in their right mind, would think it a good idea to meet with Putin before the conclusion of the investigations? Was there not one person on the Trump staff who stood up and said, “You know, Mr. President, we should probably hold off on this meeting until after the investigation is concluded.” Was there no member of the GOP leadership who picked up the phone and said, “Mr. President, this is not a good idea.”

Maybe there was and then Trump simply ignored them all. Certainly plausible. But then he sent the crazy into overdrive and decided he was going to meet in secret with Putin, one on one, with no record of what was discussed. Are you frickin’ kidding me?? That should have been immediately repudiated by every single member of Congress (Democrat or Republican) and by his entire staff. There should have been resignations tendered over that aspect of this ordeal alone. But, nope, they all allowed it to happen with nary a peep.

How on Earth could they think that would play out well?

Amanda Carpenter is absolutely right:

Yep, TDS is real. It just doesn’t mean what they think it means.

And then we had the Trump/Putin press conference. There is no question about the level of disgrace that Trump presented while praising Putin and taking his word over our own intelligence agencies (and his own advisers). Seriously, you’d need to be a very special kind of ignorant to not have seen the problems and shamefully treacherous words from Trump.

In a sane world, there would have been immediate resignations from those on his staff who absolutely know better. Bolton, Kelly, Mattis, Coats, Pompeo…yes, I’m looking at you guys. But rather than making forceful statements against what Trump did, they hunkered down in the White House war room to devise a scheme to cover it up. The results of that (Trump claiming he meant to say “wouldn’t” when he said “would”) are laughable and extremely insulting to our intelligence. But they don’t respect our intelligence, because, after all, we did elect Donald Trump. I guess they have a point.

Now we have the likes of Rush, Hannity, Tucker, and Levin defending Trump’s atrocious display of what is either a totally ignorant incompetence or worse, a display of Trump’s allegiance to Putin. They blame the reactions to a psychopathic media hell-bent on destroying Trump.

I watched the press conference live, in real-time. I did not need to wait and hear what the media said about it. I saw with my own eyes, heard with my own ears how bad it was, and I cringed as my blood boiled from what I heard. It was the same reaction as most rational people who witnessed it. Immediate understanding of what just happened. And honestly, if it were all just a hyped-up, media induced, unwarranted outrage, why did Trump’s national security team need to devise a way to fix the whole thing in the Situation Room of the White House?

Every one of these guys (except maybe the dolt, Hannity) absolutely knows better. There is no way in hell that they don’t. Every single one of us knows that if this same thing happened with Obama 4 years ago, they would ALL be screaming at the top of their lungs at how the “blame America first” traitor Obama totally sold us out to Putin. You know it’s true. Hell…THEY know it’s true.

Yet, they persist in defending Trump, who they all also know to be a lying, conniving, virtue-less person.


I can only come to one conclusion: Power, fame, influence, and money. These are the influences of human nature that our founders so vehemently warned us about. They have gone all in for Trump. Their credibility and positions are now dependent on Trump. If Trump falls in disgrace, they will go with him. And they’ve tasted the thrill of having the power and influence on the President of the United States. They don’t want to give that up. It’s as simple as that.

But they are now all complicit in this disgraceful disaster of a Presidency. And we will not forget.

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