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Time — Model and friend of singer Lady Gaga, Rick “Zombie Boy,” Genest, has died. He was thirty-two. The singer expressed her sympathies on Twitter

The New York Times — July 31st, actor Alan Alda, veteran cast member of the smash hit M*A*S*H, announced he has Parkinson’s disease, the eighty-two year old actor told fans via his appearance on CBS This Morning. Alda was diagnosed three years ago

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New York Post — Sasha Baron Cohen, “Who is America?” is a show that targets politicians, so far, the show has featured Sarah Plain former governor of Alaska, former Vice President Dick Cheney, and Senate candidate Roy Moore, who lost a special election race amid sexual misconduct accusations, but one politician, Rep Lee Zeldin a republican from Long Island, did not fall for Cohen’s convincing “interview request on February 8th,” he can thank his communications director, Katie Vincentz and his staff, that saw red flags, “To be candid, it was a little suspicious that someone who was the producer of Yerushalayim Television in Israel would be ‘Julia Harris’,” she added that once staffers began searching online, they found no mentioned of the award, that Cohen’s team had said Zeldin had won.

Another Rep, Matt Gaetz a republican from Florida, received the same email that Zeldin did, and fell for the interview, however, unlike others, Gaetz refused to “agree to read an endorsement for a program called, “kinderguardians,” a program that Cohen said was based in Israel that armed kids as young as three in school to protect against terrorism, “Typically, members of Congress don’t just hear a story about a program and indicate whether they support it or not,” Gaetz told Cohen.

Hollywood Reporter — Another reboot is being explored, this time, we “take the good and” we take the bad,” we “take them both and there you have,  The Facts of Life.” Sony Pictures Television owns the rights to the hit show that spun off from another hit sitcom Diff’rent Strokes, they are said to be in early talks with actor Leonard DiCaprio and actress Jessica Biel to give the coming of age sitcom the reboot treatment. Sony offered no comment to Hollywood Reporter when asked about the early talks.

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Hollywood Reporter — Disney’s Christopher Robin opens this weekend, while Mission: Impossible Fallout continues to dominate sales.

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