Fraud Not Found Former Election Commission Member Says

May 11th, 2017 President Trump signed an EO that created the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

The Commission was chaired by Vice President Pence (R), his Vice-Chair was Secretary of State of Kansas Kris Kobach (R) and nine other members, one of those members was Secretary of State of Maine, Matthew Dunlap (D).

In November of 2017, Dunlap filed a lawsuit against The Commission, stating in the court filing, via The Washington Post, “The Commission’s operations have not been open and transparent, not even to the commissioners themselves, who have been deprived access to documents prepared by and viewed by other commissioners.”

Dunlap’s lawsuit sought documents, that alleged, he and the other three democrats on the panel were not given access to.

Kobach in response called Dunlap’s lawsuit, “baseless and paranoid,” he added, “He assumes that correspondence regarding commission business was occurring, but not being shared with him.”

In January of 2018 the Commission was disband amid growing problems, aside from the lawsuits which there were nine including Dunlaps, one member David Dunn passed away during surgery in the fall of 2017, and another staff  member for the commission was arrested on charges of possessing child pornography.

July 2018, Dunlap finally received the documents after a judge issued two court orders the Press Herald reported. A spokesperson for Dunlap’s office told the Herald that “the attorney’s,” would review the material before it was released to the public.

The Washington Post reported on Friday that Dunlap had finished the review and sent a “scathing,” report to both Vice President Pence and Kobach, “accusing Kobach and the White House of making false statements.”

In his report Dunlap explains that based on what he has seen of the documents turned over to him that, “they do not contain evidence of widespread voter fraud,” he added, “that some documentation seemed to indicate that the commission was predicting it would find evidence of fraud.”

In an interview with The Post after having reviewed the eight-thousand pages of documents Dunlap said, “I see that it wasn’t just a matter of investigating President Trump’s claims that three to five million people voted illegally, but the goal of the commission seems to have been to validate those claims.”

The *Documents provide a glimpse at the workings of the commission. In one email sent from Vice President Pence’s aide, Andrew Kossack, shared with Kobach what Kossack called “same-day voter registration in New Hampshire,” data . The data provided by Kossack, was used by Kobach as an example of “fraud” swinging the New Hampshire’s senate race in 2016, in an article that appeared on Breitbart.

Dunlap who’s career has spanned twenty years including, “stints as a state representative,” and working as a chairman on fisheries and wildlife committees, Dunlap explained about his time on the panel, stating it was, “the most bizarre thing I’ve ever been a part of.”

*The link goes to the email from Kossack, but all documents are available.

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